About Us

Why a Silicone Bulb?

Joelle always had an entrepreneurial spirit and often looks for ways to improve common, everyday items. Several years after inventing Butterie, the world’s first flip-top butter dish, Joelle had her next big idea. After accidently dropping and breaking a light bulb, Joelle thought “Why are light bulbs still so easily broken? With advancements in LED technology, we no longer need to protect a delicate filament.” Enter IncrediBulb.
IncrediBulb is a light bulb made with silicone, so it’s flexible, squeezable and bounces if dropped. No more shattered glass, no more bulbs breaking in the socket, and no more knocking your head on a hard, and hot, exposed attic bulb. IncrediBulb has a multitude of other benefits as well: it stays cool to the touch, even after hours of use; it uses minimum wattage so it’s extremely affordable to operate, and it can last up to 13 years.